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Just finished my Laser Facial at Wink Laser Studio, Alabang Town Center! Loving this treatment! No reddishness afterwards.

The Gear4 Espresso and #SmartDeezer is a match made in heaven! Visit for a review on the Espresso Bluetooth Speaker.

George enjoying the new, crispy, clean bed sheets.

Home-made cake by @anaboo825! Can’t wait to dig in! :)

George’s version of “If I fits, I sits”

Loving my Gear4 Espresso Bluetooth speaker! It’s a perfect companion for chilling at home with friends :)

Good wine! :)

Getting my Happy Lemon fix! Green tea with rock salt and cheese! <3 Super happy that we have a branch in Festival Mall already, wheeee.

Uhm, yeah. I think I might be over feeding George :P

Midnight snack.