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"Stop blogging and feed me, hooman!"

Received this super cute Bluetooth speaker in the shape of an espresso cup! Perfect for the coffee loving audio geeks! Thanks to my @digitalwalkerph family for this Gear4 Espresso speaker! Review on soon!

No, George. You won’t fit in there.

George being man-handled at the vet! Took him for deworming again as I saw a worm in his poop!!!

I’m an artist! Haha!

Well, this is better than him sitting on my keyboard.

Happy 13th birthday, Mija! You’re officially a teen! ;)

I suppose it’s a good time to start a new book. Starting on Dresden Files while waiting for power to come back.

Today’s #selfie.

Ninang duties. Waiting for my niece’s school bus to drop her off so I can pick her up :)