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Late night blogging. I think the cats like my new work space. (at

It’s moments like these that make cleaning up poop all worth it. <3 (at

Spent a part of the day cleaning and rearranging my desk to make space for my new PIXMA Ink Efficient E400 printer! Getting used to having my computer on the left side of the table. (at

Today’s handmade greeting card by my niece, for her dad :) (at

#Selfie Sunday with my favorite sister :P (at

Tiramisuuuu~ 😻 (at Mary Grace, SM Southmall)

WOW. This is one of the best and smoothest vodka I have ever tasted! (at

#PetPeeve: When one takes medicine from a new medicine mat even though the old medicine mat isn’t empty yet. #OCNightmare

New Transmog in #WorldofWarcraft. Cannot decide! Blonde, White or Black? (at

Last night’s look. #Selfie (at