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Looks like George has a foot fetish. (at

Early celebration for Artie! <3 (at

Holy crap this rain just won’t stop. The plant box in our balcony is overflowing already! :( I can imagine how much worse it is in other areas. I hope everyone is safe and dry. (at

My messy desk now includes 2 felines. Yay. And someone put googley eyes on my mirror! Rawr. (at

The look of fear!!! Parker is now a fully vaccinated kitty! He’ll be getting a booster shot after 1 month though but he’s pretty much has complete shots <3 (at Vets in Practice - Alabang)

#Selfie Sunday! Waiting at the vet for Parker’s rabies shot. Liking this selfie app called B612, it has really nice filters and taking a selfie is so easy! (at

Because two cats are better than one! So happy that our fur babies are now sharing spaces together! <3 (at

Om nom nom! Krispy Kreme’s limited edition Cadbury Doughnuts looks so yummy! Check out the new flavors on my blog! I can’t decide which to eat first! (at

Trying out Starbuck’s Tiramisu Frappe. It’s okay. (at

George giving Parker advise at the vet. (at