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Uhm, yeah. I think I’m overfeeding him. (at

Spotted. Foie Gras. (at S & R, Westgate Alabang)

Because it’s CATURDAY! (at

Meet Parker, our newest furbaby <3 (at

I don’t like Oreos but this variant is soooo yummy! I’ve almost finished the whole pack all on my own! (at

Tonight’s company <3

Pretty good lemonade! :) Not too sour and just the right amount of sweetness. (at Ramen Yushoken, Molito Alabang)

Tonight’s bedtime story 💤 (at

Coffee and Rose Petal macarons from Sweet Bella Cafe <3 (at Sweet Bella Cafe, Molito Alabang)

Can’t decide which drink to get from Chairman Wang’s! Suggestions? (at Chairman Wang’s Prime Beef Noodle House)